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Trump’s Latest Statement STUNS Liberals

This is why he is a great president.

A White House official has recently come out and stated that President Trump will have no qualms in taking the new COVID-19 vaccine live.

The official was asked if “the president expect that he will ever receive the vaccine himself on live TV to promote the safety of the vaccine?”

The official’s response was: “With respect to the president and taking the vaccine, that’s certainly something that is under consideration. The president has previously expressed his willingness to do whatever the experts thought was the best path, in terms of instilling vaccine confidence.”

Previous presidents have stated that they will have no qualms in taking the vaccine and filming it. President Trump will also back the claim that the vaccine is safe and could potentially do the same as the previous presidents.

Liberals have called for Trump to do his due diligence as president and he is doing just that.

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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