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Trump Gives Democrats BAD News

This needs to happen now…

President Trump has recently said that he is thinking about suing everyone involved in the Mueller investigation. He called the investigation “fraudulent” and a complete scam.

Trump should really think about pursuing legal actions against all there were part of the investigation. It was proved that the investigation was “illegally set up” and “based on false documents” which is not supposed to count as evidence against someone. If all parties involved get punished, then other who might have similar intentions will think twice before pursing anything.

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  • Mr President, I’m with you all the way but if it were me I think I’d wait for the Durham report, then I’d take em down in the mud and blood and guts! These are all TRAITORS every damn one of em!

  • Larry Gaines
    Larry Gaines

    that would sure tie up the courts for a long time and I am all for it. Mueller and his team need to bein in prison and lose their law licene

  • Hydro

    Mr. President – you have been in a knock down brawl with city Hall – very few in the Media have chosen to speak the truth. In spite of their efforts you have managed to succeed with the promises you ran on. That is a very rare occurrence with politicians. You deserve to be fully vindicated and the ones that put this whole sham together need to feel the pain from an honest court. These are treasonous actions and deserve to have the punishment fit the crime. Everything has been the Democrats way – its time the blindfold comes off of the scales of justice and truths need to be adjudicated accordingly and let the chips fall where they may. These so called American patriots have never been for John Q Public, they have pushed their will upon all of us – only for their own gratification. It is time for the Bernies and Pelosies of this country if they believe Government run Health Care is so great – then they should put themselves on it today. Just watch them squirm. They all preach AOC’s fictitious Green Deal but everyone of them have flown hundreds of thousands of miles during their attempt to be the Democrat Nominee for President. They are as fake as a 3 dollar bill. They really believe the voting public is buying into their BS – well when the shoe drops I’m sure they will have as many reasons why they lost as Hilary has.
    Best of luck President Trump – don’t get discouraged – the majority has your back.

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