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“The View” Host Sends SHOCKING Message To Republicans

Here’s what she said.

According to CNS News, “The View” host Joy Behar attacked Republicans stating that those who voted against President Donald Trump’s impeachment need to be dealt with.

“Ten Republicans, but, you know, first they were afraid, the others were afraid they would be impacted by Trump’s tweets and they would lose their career and not get re-elected and they were frightened. Now they’re physically afraid of these people. That’s what — I mean, Peter Meijer — I think that’s how you say his name – one of the Republicans who voted to impeach,” she said.

“He said he’s buying body armor and altering his daily routines because of the threats he’s getting. This is what Trump and his followers have brought us to – the mafia – that members of Congress are in fear for their lives when they vote, because you don’t like their vote, so you’re going to threaten their lives. It’s really sad,” Behar said.

“That, to me, is the insidious fascism that is growing day by day in this country, and it’s people like Kevin McCarthy who need to be dealt with even more than Jim Jordan, who I can’t stand, mind you, but at least we know who he is. This guy is like a slippery eel. I don’t trust him at all or anybody in that ilk,” Behar said. You can read the full article here.

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  • Franco

    BEHAR, You Coumterfeiter!
    Bring it on and see what you get!
    ANOTHER DEMI tough guy!!!!
    DiNero wants to punch the President so does Andrew Cuomo~
    We already saw Fredo Cuomo curse and threathened a citizen
    at the airport and when the man took off his glasses and confronted
    Fat Mouth Fredo Cuomo he chickened out!
    Behar are you a terrorist?or just Crude & Rude???
    Come down South and try your crap!!!
    YOU HEAR!!!

    • Terry

      The View should be censored, taken off the air for their threats. You hear me big tech!

    • Ronald Gunn

      She is going to stay where she knows she is safe. I know they more body guards than the number of people sitting in the studio listening to the four IDIOTS run their useless mouths.

    • Joan

      WEll Behar, isn’t that like the Conservatives have to do, because if they know anything against a Dem’s they end up in Bodybags. Yes, just ask Hitler-y and count the body bags.

  • GomeznSA

    What is with all of the lefties and their desire for revenge or cancelling people or simply ‘dealt with”. What does that even mean – reeducation camps or just destroying their business and/or livelihoods? ‘gotcha’ politics is one thing but it seems like they will not be content until we are all dead or totally under their control. When we have all been cancelled, who will be the target of their hatred?

  • Mary

    Joy the 10 Reps. voted for impeachment, not against it. You are so wrong, but you will learn to shut your hole when those documents all get declassified and released.

  • John Soroka
    John Soroka

    Behar is a POS beast. She is a Communist in my humble opinion.

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