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“The View” Host EXPLODES After Trump Lawyer Says THIS

They can’t control themselves.

According to Fox News, “The View” erupted when Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz defended President Trump against the co-hosts during a discussion about the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

He was responding to co-host Joy Behar’s claim that no other constitutional scholar agreed with him about needing a crime for impeachment. “In 18…,” Dershowitz started before Goldberg interrupted him. “Ok, wait, wait, wait,” Goldberg said. “Alan, you know, in 1492 Columbus sailed the seas blue but listen, I need us to move on.”

Dershowitz proceeded to claim that academics were choosing their position because President Trump was in office. “Shortly after the Constitution was enacted, the dean of Columbia Law School said that the weight of authority was in favor of it being a crime,” he said.

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  • Franco

    Continue with your daily gas attacks
    on the VIEW!!!!!
    See how you have damaged Behar’s
    HIPPO CAMPUS with your awful
    deadly Fumes!!!!!

  • Stephen Weiss

    That’s just too funny that Joy Behar, that ignorant nitwit, thinks she can lecture Dershowitz, a Harvard Scholar…..on anything….maybe a cookie recipe, but anything that requires serious though she was way, way out of her league.
    She’s nothing but a ding dong and a shill for any Democrat….remember her adoration of the crooked corrupt lawyer representing the porn star?…THAT IS THE LEVEL OF HER INTELLECT.

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