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Republican’s Intense Questioning Leaves Democrat COWERING

Here’s what happened…

Sen. Bill Cassidy recently challenged Biden’s labor secretary Marty Walsh and asked him about the jobs after halting the Keystone XL pipeline.

Cassidy stated to Walsh, “The Keystone XL jobs are gone today. Actually, last week. The jobs you’re describing are in the by-and-by, hopefully within a year, more likely longer than that.”

He then stated that the jobs that were erased for halting the pipeline will affect workers who currently need to pay their bills and asked about the timeline for when jobs will be available.

He ended saying, “I applaud the efforts to employ those tradesmen and women on other types of activities, but we are being disingenuous if we don’t recognize the impact it has upon them right now. They face poverty because of an executive order that will increase global greenhouse gas emissions.”

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: MarketWatch

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