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Republican TERRIFIES Biden After THIS Happens

Biden’s shaking in his boots.

According to Breitbart News, Ron Johnson slammed 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden stating Americans “deserve the truth” on his business dealings with Ukraine.

“[O]ur investigation into the things that happened in Ukraine date way back to a political article written right after the 2016 election that shows a potential interference by certain members of Ukraine — possibly members of the DNC — and it just blossomed into uncovering through news reports the fact that Hunter Biden got hired by a fairly corrupt oil company,” Johnson outlined. “Blue Star Strategies was hired by that corrupt oil company and apparently used their connections — they’re former Clinton-ites — to bully the State Department, the Department of Justice to potentially affect our attitude, our policy toward Burisma.”

“So, we’re just asking the questions. If there’s nothing there, fine, we’ll get the information and we’ll move on. If there’s something there, I think the American people deserve the truth,” he added. You can watch a clip of Johnson’s remarks here.

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