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Pelosi Gets Dealt HEAVY Blow From Fox Hosts

She deserved what she got.

Recently on Fox News’ “The Five,” the hosts criticized Nancy Pelosi over her “holding up” the COVID-19 relief bill and her reaction to media criticism.

Dagen McDowell said, “I wish more people in the media, including Leslie Stahl and 60 minutes, would call Nancy Pelosi out on her holding up this aid before the election. That was her political calculation as Dana pointed out, but they left $1 trillion thereabouts on the table, but again standing atop the suffering of others. It’s a good look, Nancy. Good look.”

Brian Kilmeade stated, “All she knows is politics. She has no idea how to come together on any type of compromise.”

Jesse Watters said, “The actual truth was she just wanted a bailout fund for liberal mayors and governors who couldn’t balance their books, and they need a little slush fund to help them get reelected. And then later she said oh yeah I obstructed because I didn’t want to solidify injustice.”

There’s no wonder why even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is against Pelosi. The Speaker of the House needs to be replaced with someone who will actually do good for the country instead of filling their little pockets.

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: The New York Times

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