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Nancy Pelosi Gets Completely WRECKED

She isn’t coming back from this one.

According to the Daily Caller, Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stating that she owes Dr. Deborah Birx “an apology.”

“I know that no one is infallible and people have made mistakes across the board,” Fox News anchor Dana Perino told Gowdy. “Some have gone after Fauci, now you have Pelosi and Democrats going after Dr. Birx. Not helpful?”

“No,” Gowdy responded. “I have no idea the politics of Dr. Birx or Fauci. This is what I’m thinking about, remember when Nancy Pelosi said you cannot in any way, shape, or form critique Vindman because he wore the uniform of this country? So did Deborah Birx. So if we’re gonna have a rule that people in the military are off-limits, then at least respect her for wearing the uniform and being smart enough to be a medical doctor.”

“I’ll just settle for being honest and being fair and I think Deborah Birx has been that from the very first time I saw her,” he continued. “And Nancy Pelosi really owes Dr. Birx an apology. I understand she doesn’t like the president, that’s fine, but don’t drag in people who have served the country in uniform and someone who is as apolitical from my standpoint as she can possibly be and that would be Deborah Birx.” You can read the full article here.

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