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Lindsey Graham Breaks Silence About Michael Flynn Case

He’s making sure everyone knows the truth…

Senator Lindsey Graham went onto Fox News recently and stated that he thought the case on former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had “criminal misconduct” written all over it, and stated that there was going to be deeper investigations to come.

Graham said, “Yeah, there’s more coming. It’s pretty apparent to me that General Flynn was a victim of an out-of-control Department of Justice. He basically got railroaded. It’s pretty widely known that the Obama Administration didn’t have much use for General Flynn.”

General Flynn deserved better from his government. He was willing to die for his country, the people who were involved in this, I hope will be held to account. Attorney General Barr is beginning to right wrongs. There’s a lot more coming. I promise you that everybody who signed the FISA warrant against Carter Page will be asked to testify before the Judiciary Committee.”

These notes reek of criminal misconduct. One of the worst things that can happen in any democracy is for those who are in charge of the law to take it into their own hands for political purposes. I think that is what has happened here. Time will tell. I promise you that we are going to find out how the FBI operated when they were told by the Russian sub source in January 2017, the dossier is a bunch of garbage. I find it impossible to believe that did not work its way up Comey and McCabe. In January 2017, the person who prepared the dossier for Christopher Steele told the FBI it’s a bunch of bar talk and hearsay and they obtained two warrants after that. How could that possibly happen?”

This is great news to a person that was wronged by dirty people in the government. Watch a clip here.

Image Credit: Business Insider

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