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Liberal Star PRESSURES Americans To Do WHAT?

Does he think he has the authority to say this?

Morgan Freeman has recently come out calling for people who trust him to get vaccinated.

He spoke in a video stating, “I’m not a doctor, but I trust science. And I’m told that, for some reason, people trust me. So here I am to say, I trust science and I got the vaccine. If you trust me, you’ll get the vaccine. In math, it’s called the distributive property. In people, it’s called taking care of one another. Get the vaccine. Help make our world a safe place for us to enjoy ourselves again. Please?”

Freeman basically stated that he is blindly trusting in what “science” is telling him. He didn’t do his own research to clarify anything, and is also also telling people to blindly trust him.

Blind trust is what has led us to where we are now. Read the full article here.

Image Credit: Wealthry

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