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Liberal News Network ERUPTS After Trump Says THIS

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They are trying to push this under the rug.

According to CNS News, MSNBC attacked President Donald Trump after he stated that the coronavirus eventually will “disappear.”

“You were saying it was going to disappear,” moderator George Stephanopoulos told the president.

“It is going to disappear. It’s going to disappear, I still say it,” Trump said.

Host Joe Scarborough said, “it’s very clear, even four years into the job, he doesn’t understand the issues, he doesn’t know the issues, and 200,000 dead Americans into the coronavirus, he’s still stumbling around with no strategy, and he actually, talk about a Freudian slip, he comes out and talks about herd mentality, then gets to herd-approved, or whatever he said…”

Host Mika Brzezinski stated, “This is incredible, because it’s not that he’s stupid — he is — but it’s that he doesn’t care that 2 to 3 million people may die, when he talks about herd immunity but doesn’t even get the phrase right — this is someone who doesn’t care.” You can read the full article here.

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  • William Gordon
    William Gordon

    Those people who are saying things about what the President has said about this coronavirus, will move away –like the other diseases do–as the drugs are tested and developed to make this to most all gone. with an annual shot–like all the other childhood illness. Those monkeys who are finding fault with what the President has said–He was saying the illness will go away after shots are developed –like all the childood=illness in shots do now. I wish the media would listen to what the President says–instead of finding fault like dumbest media people they are. I will never trust another media person in the rest of my life–none of them from way back, have got a brain between their ears–only shit. I know –the media is and will be the dumbest ass in the world.

  • John J

    IT IS GOING TO DISAPPEAR there is no doubt about that

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