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Liberal Media ERUPTS After THIS Happens

They have completely lost their mind. According to Breitbart News, MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” exploded after Political consultant Rick Wilson attacked President Donald Trump and Trump supporters stating that they “will be going to a lot of funerals.” Host Joy Reid said, “I’ve had friends emailing me things they’re getting from people — family members and friends on Facebook saying it’s all a lie, they still believe it. They even believe his pivot isn’t necessarily real. But the danger is real, this keeping away from one another and doing our social distancing only works if everybody does it. If his people don’t believe it and believe the tough coverage is just out to get him rather than trying to save lives, we have a problem.” Wilson said, “The small number of true believer Trumpers who will not be touched by this, I suspect they will be going to a lot of funerals because they’re going to be the people who helped spread this. We had a Florida legislator Mike Hill, the other day post on Facebook, on Friday afternoon I think, a bunch of guys joking they’re not going to do social distancing, they’re going to go out, blah, blah blah. These people who believe everything Donald Trump says spent seven weeks hearing this is a fake thing, it’s a hoax, the media is out to get him, and this is where science and the Trump reality bubble collide.” He continued, “Those people that are laughing it off right now are going to be the ones who have a proximate responsibility for the fact this is going to take longer and cost nor and cost more lives than it should have.” You can watch a clip of Wilson’s comments here.
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