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Liberal Mayor Spews Complete INSANITY

She’s lost all her marbles.

According to Breitbart News, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser attacked President Donald Trump stating his remarks on police reform were “emphasizing their obsession with President Obama.”

Mitchell said, “We did hear him say he is in favor of banning chokeholds. He didn’t say that would be in the executive order, we want to wait and see the language of it, but he is talking more about police reform and, I would say inaccurately, blaming the Obama administration for not doing anything about it when in fact the Trump administration, the Trump White House dismantled President Trump’s post-Ferguson reforms and the additional consent decrees that were issued against police departments around the country.”

Bowser said, “Yes, and unfortunately, as soon as he launched into that, I realized his remarks were going to be largely political remarks, in kind of emphasizing their obsession with President Obama. But regardless of what happens with an executive order, we have to push the Congress for national change. I don’t know what he’s talking about with the Senate majority leader’s bill. I don’t think we’ve seen anything. But the House Democrats have very good measures that need to get out of the Congress. They can’t just die there.” You can watch a clip of her remarks here.

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  • Sandra

    So what is new. Most Liberal Mayors are insane. Bowser is not only insane she is
    a radical screwup. The woman is so far left she is about to fall off the edge of a
    mountain without a parachute. If she becomes too much of a handicap, the
    Democrat will drop her like a hot potato and she will go down the drain even faster
    than she already is. The woman needs to get psychiatric help if she isn’t already on
    drugs. Her stupidity is unbounded and she is definitely her own worst enemy.

  • John J

    This alleged mayor is nothing more than an ignorant nigger

  • John J

    Not a mayor, a moron

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