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Liberal Governor SILENCED After Asked THIS Question

He’s completely speechless.

According to Breitbart News, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo refused to answer if he thought it was a mistake to send COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes.

NBC co-host Willie Geist asked, “So, with 33,000, nearly, people dead in the state of New York, what have you learned, as you write about in the book, about the early stages that you can apply to later? For example, was it a mistake to send those COVID-positive patients back into nursing homes?”

After Cuomo criticized the federal government’s response, Geist cut in to ask, “Governor, did you make any mistakes in this process? You’re talking about the federal government. What about you?”

Cuomo stated, “Yes. That was the first point, was the federal government missed it coming here. Second, we were the first state to do a mask mandate, Willie, I should have done it earlier. The experts were saying the masks didn’t work. Common sense said the masks would work, and I should have done that earlier. Testing, we got up testing as fast as we could. In retrospect, we should have understood that some virus like this would come back after MERS and SARS and had more sophistication for testing, that it took this nation seven months to come up with a real testing regimen, and we’re still not doing it, that was a mistake.” You can watch a clip of the confrontation here.

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  • JC

    Cuomo is lying. He knows he killed those people. He can’t pin that on the federal government and for sure not President Trump. Trump bailed his butt out for not having the gear, the beds, nothing. After supplying the medical ship, the hospitals, the ventilators, help..everything! Cuomo should resign or at least go hide his lying face. Maybe take his stupid brother with him and maybe the New York mayor too!

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