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Liberal Actor THREATENS Voters With DEATH?

Does she really think this will work?

According to The Daily Wire, Hollywood star Sharon Stone shared a bewildering post on her Instagram account imploring voters in Florida to vote for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“As a mom, a woman, and someone who SEES you, I urge you to believe me when I say trust is why voting for a woman in the White House will save your families’ lives,” she wrote. “VOTE #BIDENHARRIS to live.”

You can read the full story here.

Image Credit: Sky News

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  • Recce1

    PLEASE article writers, how did Stone threaten ANYONE’S life? She’s claiming, as MANY puerile hysterical snowflake liberals are doing, that if Trump is re-elected then women will die due to botched back street abortions, and people denied medical care. Perhaps she was also concerned about criminals shot dead for looting, arson, murdering and such.

    So let’s not write headlines like the seditionist MSM implying something that’s not in the least true. We conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians have to abide by a higher standard.

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