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Kamala Harris HUMILIATED After Posting THIS

Thinking before posting didn’t cross her mind…

Recently the host of Comedy Central’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah, “mocked Sen. Kamala Harris over her ‘hostage-style video‘ endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden’s White House campaign.” He said that she had “great enthusiasm” and then said afterwards, “Now, please send $10,000 in unmarked bills so that my family can see me again. I don’t understand why Kamala Harris shot this hostage-style video to show her support for Joe Biden. It looks weird. It really does. I bet even the Taliban is looking at this video, like: ‘We had better lighting and we were in a cave! Much better, much better!'”

Noah continued attacking Harris by asking why she decided to support Biden even though he had a “record of civil rights and racial issues.”

“American Politics is a little strange. How is Kamala going to endorse Joe Biden and not acknowledge that she once called him a friend of racists who opposed integrated public schools?”

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: New York Post

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  • John J

    Mr. Trump has brought America back from the dregs and will be re elected by a landslide

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