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Joe Biden Receives BAD News

Things aren’t looking good for him…

Biden seems to be struggling to captivate younger voters like his previous rivals. A statement from the Washington Examiner reports:

His first problem is they didn’t show up en masse in 2020, not even for Sanders. A study by The Harvard Institute of Politics found that youth turnout was either down or flat in eight of the first 12 primary contests, including in crucial swing states such as New Hampshire and North Carolina. This happened even though Sanders’s campaign designed its message and platform to cater to young progressives across the country.

Democratic insiders have been sounding the alarm about Biden’s trouble with young voters since March, telling NBC News that it reminded them of Hillary Clinton. That problem hasn’t gone away, even as he’s become the presumptive nominee. Recent polls conducted by Fox NewsMonmouthCNNQuinnipiacSelzer, and ABC/Washington Post found that Biden leads President Trump with voters under 35 by an average of just 12 points, 49% to 37%.

Former President Barack Obama was able to win because of youth voters. Hillary Clinton received the popular vote because she was able to capture younger voters. Even Bernie Sanders had a sizable chunk of young voters who were captivated by his socialist views.

If Biden wants to have a chance of standing against Trump, he will also need to captivate younger voters. However, with the coronavirus going on, Trump is on the news holding daily briefings while Biden is being “forced out of the spotlight and losing valuable campaign time.”

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Image Credit: Washington Examiner
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