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Jen Psaki REFUSES To Answer THIS Question

What is she hiding?

According to the Daily Caller, White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer questions on migrant detention facilities.

“I want to clarify – you said that a policy discussion behind the scenes with the president and this delegation is private. I just want to clarify … I’m not asking for a detailed readout on a private conversation that’s happening in the Oval Office between the president and this delegation. Journalists have not been allowed to see what’s happening inside places …,” the reporter began.

Psaki said the administration is “very open to … providing access to these facilities” before doubling down on the stance that reporters will not yet be allowed inside. She said the access must be done “in a way that protects the privacy of” minor children and that safety due to COVID-19 should also be kept in mind.

“We are committed to doing that,” Psaki said. “So we’re not expecting you to take our word for it. I was just conveying that any private policy conversation, I just didn’t want there to be an expectation every day that we’d be reading that out.” You can read the full article here.

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