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Insane Democrat Delivers BIG HIT To Trump

She better be ready for what comes next.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Val Demings attacked President Donald Trump stating requiring medical waivers for attendees was a “good clue” that holding rallies amid the coronavirus pandemic is a bad idea.

Demings said, “I commend Vice President Biden for being the adult in the room. We are in the middle of a public health crisis. I am thankful that Vice President Biden is listening to the CDC, our medical experts, and our scientists and continuing to practice social distancing. Look he’s getting his message out. He has held some very important virtual rallies that address the nation about many things, including racism and social injustices. He’s talked about COVID-19 and what he believes needs to happen.”

She added, “The president, on the other hand, obviously is desperate and worried about the upcoming election in November, and for the individuals that he is inviting to come to a rally. You know, I’ve dealt with evidence and clues for a long time in my career. When you have to sign a medical waiver saying that you won’t hold the president responsible if you contract COVID-19, it’s a pretty good clue that the president should not be holding a rally. This is yet another opportunity for the president of the United States to put people first, and yet again, he just can’t seem to find it within himself to do that.” You can watch a clip of Demings’ remarks here.

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