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Ilhan Omar Reveals Her DISGUSTING Thoughts

She really needs to keep things to herself.

Ilhan Omar recently made clear that she was not a fan of the daily press briefings on coronavirus. She posted a tweet saying, “It’s not only the lies and spins that are disturbing, but the millions of people who watch this and actually believe this insane stuff. It’s like watching a train wreck happen and not knowing what to do.”

She’s not the only. CNN Don Lemon joined her and said, “This has become- those press briefings have become his new ‘Apprentice.’ They’ve become his new rallies. And he treats the press and the media as if he’s talking to the people at his rallies. It’s the same thing. It’s no different except the audience isn’t there.”

Many people approve the daily check ups and it’s a way for the President to talk and update the people on what is going on during the crisis. But it seems like some Democrats want to take that away and leave everyone in the dark.

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Image Credit: HuffPost

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  • Cecil

    Wonder what she is going to do if things move along as Trump is stating – who is the fool

  • John J

    The anti American rag head, brother banging, moron should eat shit and die

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