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IDIOT Cory Booker Slanders Trump

Is he this DESPERATE to win presidency?

Recently on CNN Democratic debate, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) accused President Trump of “turning the moral leadership of this country into a dumpster fire.”

Booker states, “First of all, understand that this president is turning the moral leadership of this country into a dumpster fire. We literally have great generals like Mattis, who sit on the world stage, the United States of America, there can be no better friend than the United States of America and no greater enemy than the United States of America. This president has turned that upside down and is doing things to undermine our critical alliances and partner with Russia. So clearly to your question, number one, we cannot allow the Russians to continue to grow in influence by abandoning the world stage. We cannot allow Russia to not only interfere in the democracies of the Ukraine and Latvia, Lithuania, but even not calling them out in their efforts to interfere in this democracy are unacceptable.”

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