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Hypocrite Democrat CAUGHT Red Handed

He just couldn’t resist…

Rep. Harley Rouda recently backed up Governor Gavin Newsom’s order of “hard” closing the beaches of Orange County and stated:

“Opening beaches to thousands of Southern Californians during a weekend heat-wave without adequate social-distancing protocols was a reckless action that put the families of California’s 48th district in harm’s way.”

However, he was seen roaming around in a private beach in Orange County not too long ago.

A CBS News reporter stated:

Photos obtained first by CBS News show Democratic Congressman Harley Rouda spending time at a private beach in Southern California despite orders from Governor Gavin Newsom to close some public beaches in the area, CBS News campaign reporter Musadiq Bidar reports. Rouda, a first-term Congressman who beat Dana Rohrabacher, represents the 48th district, which encompasses Orange County. Last week Newsom specifically ordered a “hard close” on Orange County beaches after photos showing people not respecting social distancing went viral on social media. Rouda’s campaign manager said in a statement that Rouda and his family “were actively moving and adequately socially distancing on a residential beach, which has explicitly outlined beach access requirements in accordance with Governor Newsom’s beach order.”

It seems like the beach close in Orange County was for everyone except him. He was the only exception apparently. Democrats are hypocrites and are not to be trusted.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Newport Beach Independent

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