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Furious Democrats Deal HEAVY BLOW To Trump

They better be ready for what happens next.

According to Fox News, many Democrats attacked President Donald Trump after his RNC speech accusing him of “lies,” peddling “division and chaos” and having “embraced racism.”

“For folks watching, what Donald Trump is saying, he is fearmongering right now. He is essentially painting immigrants as folks who we don’t want in this country,” Sanders said in reaction to a point Trump made on Biden’s plan to “increase refugee admissions.”

“Let me just be really clear,” Sanders continued. “Senator Kamala Harris is a child of immigrants so we know that this country, immigrants are part of what makes America great and Donald Trump obviously doesn’t understand that.”

“Can someone remind Trump that the ‘mayhem’ he’s talking about is happening during his own presidency?” the DNC War Room Twitter account posted.

“Ignorance is the theme of this Republican convention,” Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II said. “The struggle of families to pay rent, to buy groceries, or get medical treatment didn’t happen. The 180,000 American families mourning the loss of a loved one don’t exist. The murder of innocent Black Americans and assassination of fellow Americans who stand up to protest injustice and systemic racism are irrelevant.” You can read the full article here.

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  • GomeznSA

    Typical leftist tactic – conflating ILLEGAL ‘immigrants’ – they are not ‘immigrants’ with LEGAL immigrants, who play by the rules. But far too many sheeple refuse to see the difference.

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