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FURIOUS Chuck Schumer Compares Trump To WHO?

He just made a big mistake.

According to CNS News, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer attacked President Donald Trump and stated he reminds him of former President Herbert Hoover.

“People like Senator Mitch McConnell and President Trump who say let’s ‘pause’ and do nothing more, they remind me of Herbert Hoover,” said Schumer.

“They could lead us into a second Great Depression,” Schumer said.

“When we were on the edge of a potential depression, Herbert Hoover said ‘let’s do nothing,’” Schumer said in a video attached to the tweet. “That’s what these guys are saying, and doing nothing could well create the second Great Depression.

“We need help and help quickly, and help quickly,” he said. You can read the full article here.

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  • John J

    Schumer is an anti American maggot

  • Beverly

    Chuck Schumer can control his tongue. He threatened 2 Supreme Court judges of what he’d do to them. he has lost his marbles. No one listens to the old alligator anymore. He hasnt haad aa good idea for York that he represents for years. What has he ever done for the residences of NY State or for the AMerican people. He has been totally despicable with his statements. He is a man who creates havoc. He is untrustworthy and has done nothing for New York except for the New York CITY people. anad that wasnt much. When mentioning his name when in the CITY or visiting friends on the island, they laugh. He is a disgruntled old man trying to sell land line phones to people. He is disgusting.

  • William Gordon
    William Gordon

    Schumer is the scum the earth–and a big disgrace to the country. schimer get out of my country –which by the way is not yours any more

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