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Fox Debate Gets HEATED, Host Curses

There was so much tension.

During a debate between Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Rivera got fed up with Bongino and started cursing at him.

Bongino and Rivera were discussing the about the death of Daunte Wright and the protests that followed.

Bingino had then said, “If there was a plague of police officers hunting Black men down at night, then — I don’t understand, if that’s happening, where is the massive body count?”

Rivera responded saying, “This man is why they have that rage. This man with his baloney. This is baloney!”

Bingino fired back saying, “He’s injecting race into the argument because he has nothing else! All you want to do is see the country burn.”

Rivera went off after that was said. He shouted, “I want to see the country burn?! You son of a b****! I want to see the country burn, you punk?! You’re nothing but a punk!”

Read the full story and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: Business – Insider

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