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Former Republican Deals HEAVY Blow To Colleague

He’s not playing around.

The former Florida Rep. David Jolly recently attacked Rep. Matt Gaetz for the allegations that were brought upon him.

Jolly stated that his best advice for Gaetz is to “shut up, hire a lawyer, and resign.”

Jolly said, “I think the operative word, again, is arrogance. Look, the fact that he’s speaking to a conservative group today says as much about the conservative movement today as it does about Matt Gaetz. I’ve said for a week now the best thing Matt Gaetz can do is shut up, hire a lawyer, and resign. And that means don’t attend these conservative gatherings, don’t try to recover yourself in conservative circles.”

“If there is no indictment of Matt Gaetz, he very well might survive, but he will have a primary opponent in his re-election campaign in which … those candidates back home are already swirling and looking to run either against Matt Gaetz in a primary, or run for Congress should he not make it through this term.”

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Image Credit: Tampa Bay Times

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