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Donald Trump Jr. EXPOSES Democrats

They were not expecting that.

Violence has been ravaging the Democratic controlled cities which obviously means that the “Democrats have lost all control of their party.”

Recently Donald Trump Jr. told Sean Hannity, “It’s the Democrats in America right now that [think] it’s OK for you to rob someone’s store. But if you open up your store to put food on your table, you’re going to go to jail. You’re going to be arrested. You’re going to lose your business license. That’s the Democrats’ America because they have lost total control to the radical left.”

Trump Jr. also hammered Biden saying that, “He spent his entire career destroying American manufacturing, destroying the middle class, shipping our American dream abroad to China, whether it’s [with the] TPP [Trans-Pacific Parternship], NAFTA, permanent trade status for China at the World Trade Organization, all of these things that literally destroyed the American dream. Our only export was your American dream. And Joe Biden and his policies shipped that stuff to China.”

Trump Jr. stated obvious reasons as to why Biden would be a terrible president and included that he “can’t remember where he is 50% of the time.”

Democrats don’t want to say it, but with everything going on in their cities, they have lost control of their supporters and don’t know what to do.

Read the whole article and watch a clip here.

Image Credit: Axios

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