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Democrat SURPRISES Liberals, Sides With Amy Coney Barrett?

This was unexpected…

During Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s questioning in the Senate, Dianne Feinstein stated that she was “really impressed” with how Barrett defined “severability.”

Feinstein asked Barrett for her thoughts on severability, and Barrett responded saying, “Severability strives to look at a statute as a whole and say, ‘would Congress have considered this provision so vital that, kind of in the Jenga game, pulling it out, Congress wouldn’t want the statute anymore?’ So it’s designed to effectuate your intent. Severability is designed to say well, would Congress still want the statute to stand even with this provision gone? Would Congress still pass the same statute without it?”

“I think insofar as it tries to effectuate what Congress would have wanted it’s the court and Congress working hand-in-hand.”

Feinstein was taken aback and stated, “Thank you, that’s quite a definition, I’m really impressed. Thank you.”

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Image Credit: Fox News

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