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Democrat Turns Back On His OWN Party

Guess who he’s endorsing…

Vernon Jones, a Georgia State representative, has recently endorsed President Trump and is the first Democrat in the state to support the President in his reelection.

Jones believes that Trump’s economy has impacted black Americans in a good way and is doing his part in making sure it continues.

He stated, “It’s very simple to me. President Trump’s handling of the economy, his support for historically black colleges and his criminal justice initiatives drew me to endorse his campaign.”

“This is not about switching parties. There are a lot of African-Americans who clearly see and appreciate he’s doing something that’s never been done before. When you look at the unemployment rates among black Americans before the pandemic, they were at historic lows. That’s just a fact.”

His endorsement must have shocked many liberals. They are probably fuming because his reasoning as to why he is endorsing the President is smart and logical.

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Image Credit: News Thud

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