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Democrat THROWS Police Officers Under The Bus

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn attacked police officers in Washington D.C. stating they were on horseback moving back peaceful protesters.

Fox News host Cavuto said, “Congressman, that’s a searing 1968 image, the argument then is that it is so jostled Americans that they went to the law and order candidate, Richard Nixon. Is this so jostling Americans that they might do the same with the law and order candidate, Donald Trump? What do you think of that?”

Clyburn said, “That’s Donald Trump’s wish. That’s what I think of it. That’s his wish. That’s the game he’s playing. I’ve been saying to all my constituents and everybody that will listen, we must not play their game. When I was playing sports, the one thing that I knew that if my opponent ever got me to playing his game on his turf, he would win. Violence is not our game. That’s the president’s game. Insulting people, that’s not our game. That’s the president’s game.”

He added, “The only time I saw violence in Washington, D.C., was the horseback riders driving people off the streets. That’s when I saw it. That, to me, is his game. That’s not our game. We will not play his game. If we play his game, he’ll win. We play our game, we’ll win.” You can watch a clip of Clyburn’s remarks here.

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  • Mike Tanco

    Why is it the Black leaders seem to pick criminals as their martyrs? Trayvon Martin, the young man in Ferguson, the criminal in Baltimore and now George Floyd.
    Why not push people like Ben Carson, Michael Jordan or even Oprah?

  • John J

    Truth and justice is a myth for blacks, they live in a fantasy land where they just change things to suite the situation

  • John J

    Blacks can’t evolve and should have their own society

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