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Democrat REFUSES To Answer Simple Question

What is he hiding.

According to the Daily Caller, CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked U.S. Senate candidate Raphael Warnock if he attended a speech given by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro given at a church he used to work at.

“Let me ask you about one of those attacks,” Tapper said, “Because Senator Loeffler keeps mentioning on the campaign an incident from 1995 when you were a youth pastor at a New York church which hosted a speech hosted by Fidel Castro … Did you attend the speech? And do you understand why there are so many people who view Castro as a murderous tyrant and not someone to be celebrated?”

“I’ll tell you what I understand,” Warnock responded. “I understand why Kelly Loeffler is trying to change the subject. I was a youth pastor. I had nothing to do with that program. I did not make any decisions regarding the program. I’ve never met the Cuban dictator. And so I’m not connected to him. I’ll tell you whose names are on the ballot. Raphael Warnock and Kelly Loeffler. This race is not about anybody else.”

“But do you understand why so many people view any celebration of Fidel Castro as celebrating something ugly and tyrannical?” Tapper pressed. “I think you just called him a tyrant. He was a murderous thug. I get that this is a distraction. But do you understand why people would be appalled by anyone celebrating Fidel Castro?” You can read the full article here.

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  • Recce1

    Why the simply dishonest headline? Mr. Warnock answered the question directly and satisfactorily. He said he NEVER met the DICTATOR. Is that not simple enough for the author of this site?

    My father, an Army doctor at Walter Reed, got to meet and talk to Castro when he visited DC for the first time. This was because as a Puerto Rican my father’s first language was Spanish. The Army wanted someone to participate in the examination to understand precisely what Castro said. By the way, my two young sisters also got to meet Castro, whom the said was very charming.

    Does that mean my family is communist? I remember well when my father told me about the encounter, he said that Castro was a very smart cultured man, but that he was also VERY dangerous AND a communist, not the George Washington the liberal media made him out to be.

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