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Democrat REFUSES To Answer Simple Question On Air

What is he hiding?

According to CNS News, Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock refused to answer a question given by his opponent Sen. Kelly Loeffler.

She asked him on why he uses the Bible to justify abortions.

“Listen, I have a profound reverence for life, and an abiding respect for choice,” he said. “The question is, whose decision is it? And I happen to think that a patient’s room is too small a place for a woman, her doctor, and the U.S. government. I think that’s too many people in the room.”

“But those who are concerned about life – and I certainly am – ought to be focused on the incredibly high rates of infant mortality, and maternal mortality in our country when compared to other developed nations,” he continued. “That’s something the government can work on, and I’ve been working on it my entire career.” You can read the full article here.

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