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Democrat BEGS John Bolton To Do THIS

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Chris Murphy begged former National Security Adviser John Bolton to testify against President Donald Trump stating his claims are “consistent” with Trump’s behavior.

Murphy said that Bolton’s allegations about Trump asking China for help getting re-elected are “stunning, but not surprising. The president made very clear early on in his tenure that if a foreign government came to him with an offer of election help, he would not report them to the authorities, that he’d hear them out. … So, nothing in Bolton’s book really changes what we have been told consistently by President Trump.”

Murphy added that Bolton’s allegations about Trump obstructing justice are “consistent with what we know about this president. At the same time, I know you told me I couldn’t say it, but it is important to note that John Bolton is trying to make money here. And it is curious to all of us that he wasn’t willing to say this stuff to Congress. But he is willing to say it when he can make money. I’m not suggesting that what he’s saying isn’t true. I’m just saying that you do have to question his motives. And I have to question his motives even as a Democrat. But, yes, you are getting further color in this book about this president’s love affair with dictators, information in this book that suggests President Trump may have gotten advance notice that President Xi was going to set up concentration camps for Muslims and may have in fact endorsed that idea in a private meeting. All of this is just incredibly disturbing. And it just speaks to how huge a job President Biden is going to have to try to turn around this sort of campaign of affection for dictators around the world.” You can read the full article here.


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  • John J

    Bolton is a lying piece of shit out to make a buck

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