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Democrat ATTACKS Joe Manchin For Doing THIS

There is turmoil within the Democratic Party.

Senator Joe Manchin has been receiving contempt from his own party with many calling him a sexist and racist for opposing the confirmation of Neera Tanden.

Democratic Rep. Judy Chu spoke out and said, “There’s a double standard going on. Her (Tanden) nomination is very significant for us Asian American and Pacific Islanders. I do believe that this double standard has to do with the fact that she would be a pioneer in that position.”

Besides Chu, Rep. Grace Meng stated, “We can disagree with her tweets, but in the past, Trump nominees that they’ve confirmed and supported had much more serious issues and conflicts than just something that was written on Twitter. This is not just about any one nominee like Neera, or whoever else — it’s just about this pattern that is happening and increasingly hard to ignore.”

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: NBC News

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