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CNN Host Has Mental Breakdown On Air, ATTACKS Trump

He’s lost all of his marbles.

According to The Daily Wire, CNN host Chris Cuomo lost his mind on his show and attack President Donald Trump for telling the press that he wanted to give Americans hope during the coronavirus outbreak.

Cuomo, who is infected with the coronavirus said, “Get real. The past is over. There can be no more letting politics reinforce our worst instincts. We need to build on our best instincts. And that said, while I’m asking you all to do that, the man at the top refuses to change.”

Cuomo then played a clip from Trump’s press conference, “Well, the cases really didn’t build up for a while, but you have to understand, I’m a cheerleader for this country. I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else. … I’m not going to go out and start screaming, this could happen, this could happen.”

“That’s exactly what leadership is,” Cuomo raged. “Anybody can tell people what they want to hear. And make it easier. And then you know what you get? Exactly where we are right now. That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard and I can’t even dismiss it on the president having 102 fever, like I do, because that is clear thinking from him.”

“I’m a cheerleader, so, I’m going to lie to you about the realities that your parents, your loved ones and your kids face,” Cuomo continued in his rant. “I’m not going to prepare the way I should because it reinforces the bulls**t I’m telling you and I’m going to hope you’re okay with it. We’ve got to do better than that. This president must do better than that. The good news is, he can. The bad news is, he refuses to. And that, I have no answer for. He said we’d be good by Easter. On Easter Sunday, you know what? I will be sick and I will be sick for some time to come. And somebody telling me something else doesn’t make me feel any better. It makes me feel worse about them.”

You can read the full article here.

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  • Bill

    Cuomo you SOB ! I think its time for CNN to be dropped as a major cable channel. . .or run reruns of the Iraq war back when they had some accountability. . .NEWS IS SUPPOSED TO BE NEWS NOT SOME UNHINGED IDIOT’S IDEA OF WHAT THE PUBLIC NEEDS AS NEWS ! ! !

  • Dennis L Ruffin

    He’s a terminally ignorant Democrat politician. No one should be surprised. He represents the most corrupt state in America.

  • Hydro

    Have you noticed his change in demeanor – when he is attacking the President until it comes out he created his own mess by refusing to keep a surplus – then all of a sudden Trump is his best friend until he gets what he needs to cover the mistakes he made. He is a fake and a crook – the Democrats can chose him as their loser by putting him against the president – it won’t matter who the Dems chose – Trump will bury who ever they chose – hopefully many democrats will open their eyes and throw out the garbage that contaminated our society.

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