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CNN Host Gets TOLD OFF By Own Family

Even his family is against him…

CNN host Chris Cuomo interviewed his older brother Andrew Cuomo during a recent CNN segment, and decided to right some of the wrong things the younger Cuomo was spewing.

Chris started saying, “Let’s bring in the Governor of New York to talk about this. He just met with the president. It’s good to have you, Mr. Governor. Thank you for joining us.”

Andrew responded saying, “Good to be with you, little brother.”

Then Chris stated, “You keep saying you have good meetings, so does he, and then you don’t have what you need to reopen. How is this progress?”

Andrew ignored the question saying, “Nice to be with you again. Glad you’re feeling better. Glad Christine is feeling better.” So Chris said, “It is a common frustration, governor. It’s a common frustration.”

Andrew then decided to clarify what his younger brother was saying and said, “I don’t know how common it is and I don’t know that — your assertion is factually accurate. I don’t keep meeting with the federal government, and I don’t keep meeting with the president. We had one meeting, and it was a good meeting and it was a productive meeting.”

Looks like the younger Cuomo is keen on exaggerating and blowing things out of proportion.

Watch the clip here.

Image Credit: CNBC.com

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  • John J

    The slime runs freely through that family

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