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CNN Cries After THIS Happens

They are pathetic…

The CNN anchors are supposedly not invited in a luncheon with the President and they are livid. The host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Brian Stelter, had been told that “the network is not welcome at the event where high-profile journalists sit in a relaxed, supposedly off-the-record setting with the president.”

Stelter said, “Trump, like presidents before him, typically invites anchors from all the major networks to dine with him at the White House in advance of his State of the Union address. The lunch conversation is considered off the record, but it gives the anchors a sense of the president’s state of mind before they anchor SOTU coverage.” He made sure to note that both Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer were at the event last year.

The luncheon is supposedly an off-the-record event, but some media outlets reported the comments Trump made during the luncheon. It would make sense why Trump is wary on inviting some media outlets after that.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: The Wrap

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  • Cecil

    They don’t deserve it

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