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Biden’s Camp REFUSES Simple Check Before Debate

This is very suspicious…

Trump’s campaign has recently requested a check of both candidates’ ears before the presidential debate which has reportedly been declined by Biden’s team.

A report was released stating that Trump’s team wants a third party to check the ears of both Trump and Biden before the debate to make sure that no one is using listening devices.

Biden’s team, though previously stated that they were open to the check, have declined.

Trump had previously stated that he believes Biden is on some type of performance drug and wanted him to be tested before the debate, but Biden has yet to undergo a drug test.

This simple request for checking the nominee’s ears would be easy to accept, and would prove that both candidates are using their own words and knowledge. However, with Biden’s camp declining the check, it could seem like they are hiding something that will help Biden against Trump.

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Image Credit: Washington Examiner

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  • John J

    Biden is a demented lying, thieving scum bag

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