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Ben Carson Gives Democrats REALITY Check

They need to listen to what he says…

Ben Carson gave a speech at the coronavirus briefing that basically told politicians that they should be learning from how pharmaceuticals are working “together” to fight coronavirus. He began his speech by “thanking Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump for their ‘very aggressive and careful leadership’ in fighting the virus’ spread.”

Carson said, “I was involved throughout my neurosurgical career in a lot of very, very complex cases and dealt with a lot of renowned physicians. But I must say that the people on this task force are extremely impressive, have been considering all of the various different possibilities, outlining scenarios for all the possibilities that can occur.”

He finished by saying that the companies “who normally are rivals” have banded “together voluntarily” to help try developing a cure for the virus. He ended with, “Wouldn’t that be a great lesson for the politicians.”
Carson’s not blind to what’s happening in the Democratic Party and it’s not pretty. They are attacking each other left and right. Read the rest of the story here.
Image Credit: News Punch
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