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Andrew Cuomo Gets SLAMMED By Liberal Comedian

His own people are bashing him…

Host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah recently decided to attack New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during his show. Instead of going after conservatives like he usually does, Noah is taking aim at Cuomo.

Noah said, “Wow, really, Governor Cuomo? You lowered your own numbers to make yourself look better? Woof! And the explanation that they’re going with is they thought the Trump administration would use the high nursing home deaths against them, which, yeah! Usually if you’re not doing a good job, it gets used against you.”

“That’s the whole point of data! This would be like if the Kansas City Chiefs said, come on, you’re gonna look at the scoreboard? Isn’t it enough that I’m telling you that I won the Super Bowl? Come on!”

“Look man, I don’t care what anybody says. For me, you cannot justify doing the wrong thing because you say, oh, Trump might have or might not have or would have — no. You did the wrong thing.”

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Image Credit: Variety

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